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Less Discomfort

Syneron's PicoWay daily blaser technology is optimized to reduce the pain and swelling associated with the removal of your tattoo. Get your tattoo removed without interfering with your daily business... tattoo removal shouldn't prevent you from enjoying your life.

Effective On All Tattoo Colors

Our PicoWay technology uses dual wavelengths in order to treat most tattoo colors types, including tattoos that have resisted other removal attempts. You can come to us with even the most stubborn of tattoos and our PicoWay laser removal procedure will help you get the results that other procedures have been unable to yield.

Treats All Skin Types

In addition to being able to treat a wide range of tattoo types and colors, our tattoo removal procedure is effective with all types and colors of skin. Regardless of your skin type, you can be assured that you will see effective results that will not discolor your skin or cause unattractive side-effects.

Faster Results

In addition to reduced pain and side-effects of the laser tattoo removal process, our procedure is optimal for patients looking to obtain results in a timely manner. Got an interview or wedding coming up soon? Our team will prescribe a quick and safe timeline that can fit your schedule and have you ready in time for your big day!

Tattoo Removal Testimonials

  • PicoWay’s unique mode of picosecond action enables full flexibility to adjust the wavelength, fluence, spot size and repetition rate, providing customizable treatments which ensure outstanding clinical results. The novel PicoWay technology enables our clinic to offer a new and exciting solution to remove pigmented lesions. The treatments have proven to be effective, safe and comfortable with high satisfaction rate among our patients.

    Henry Chan, MD - Vice President of Hong Kong College of Dermatologists, Honorary Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong
  • In our experience, the short pulse duration on the PicoWay laser allows us to clear tattoos faster than traditional Q-switched lasers. The Nd:YAG 532/1064nm wavelengths also treats a greater variety of tattoo colors and skin types with minimal downtime. The laser is safe and effective, and patients are very please with the results.

    Terrence Keaney, MD - Associate, Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery
  • The long-anticipated picosecond technology is finally here. With the shortest pulse on the market, PicoWay requires lower fluences and yields faster clinical results than traditional Q-switched lasers. The Nd:YAG wavelength can safely treat a wider variety of skin types and, along with the reduced fluence, minimizes thermal injury to the skin. I believe that the PicoWay will further revolutionize tattoo removal.

    Tina S. Alster, MD - Director, Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University Hospital
  • The PicoWay laser allows us to treat a broader range of skin types and a wide array of tattoo ink colors. With the ultra-short picosecond pulse duration, there is less discomfort during treatment and faster healing. Professional and multicolored tattoos are cleared in far fewer treatment sessions than with conventional Q-switched lasers.

    Arielle N.B. Kauvar, MD - Director, New York Laser & Skin Care. Clinical Professor of Dermatology, NYU

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